Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Never Again-Again! Chair Reupholstered

I have done many DIY projects trying to save money, only to meet with serious challenges.  I have vowed "NEVER AGAIN" too many times.   This time-I mean it!
Many months ago I purchased five old, worn out chairs form a place called Provisons Thrift Store.  These chairs came from a retirement home, and they were pretty gross.  This was my first time attempting to recover more than just a cushion, and it was challenging.  Mainly because of the awful staplers I used at first, and the fact that I relied on YouTube videos for all my -how to- knowledge.  I was clueless, but willing-at first.
The finished product is not great, but it will do-for now.
We moved into a new house that is twice the size as our starter home.  We have a lot of space to furnish and a tiny budget. So I can't help but try to make something out of nothing.
I started by cleaning the chairs.  Then I chalked painted the wood pieces a Colonial White.
The arms were pretty beat up.  I didn't sand them or anything.  I just prayed to the chalk paint gods to fulfill the no prep promises!
I had to give the wooden pieces three coat.
But it looks good.  So good in fact, that I reconsidered distressing it.
I did not remove the old fabric on the seat or the front of the backrest.  I did have to remove the panel from the back of the chair.
I did cover the seats in batting.  I'm not sure I'd do it that way if I had it to do again.

This was the state they stayed in for nearly two months! My husband was ready to put them on the curb, and I objected only very little, but we settled for the garage.
I finally dug them out of the garage to finish what I started.  I hate when a project beats me, so I refused to give up.
I traced the back panel-not that it did me much good.  The backs panel is the reason I will never reupholster again.  Aye yie yie!  I can't even talk about it.  

I do like the finished product, but I don't love it.  However, it will have to do until we can find the perfect fit.  

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy Fall Y'all

So here is another pinspiration.  Our fall door decor using things I had around the house. 
I used an embroidering hoop, an old brown sheet, orange ribbon, some greenery stems, a black permanent marker, and the orange flowers I bought for a dollar in the spring. I spent two dollars on the wreath today and didn't even use the products I purchased.  Most of the materials were purchased at thrift stores long ago for nearly nothing.  
It took me longer than it should have because I had to rewrite the saying over and over because my free hand is lacking!
I happy with the results and the price :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Spring Bloom Hair Clip

I love quick, cute, easy crafts.  These Spring Bloom hair clips took five minutes to make. Five minutes for all ten!  And that's only because the glue needed to dry before I could close the clip. All you need to make these are cute flowers (use the size of you choice), hair clips and hot glue.
These paper flowers were only a dollar a pack at my local craft store, and the clips were two dollars at CVS.  
I MADE ten hair clips in five minutes.  I know some little girls that would look super cute wearing these!  
Big girls can wear them too.
I only use ten flowers. I still have 26 to use for other crafts. So if I were to do the math, that's less than 25 cents each.
Make some they're fun.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


So I don't usually do beauty posts, but this product really surprised me.  It's called candylipz, and it's supposed to give you that bee stung, pouty lip.  I've always had a pencil thin top lip.  It bothered me a lot when I was younger, but as I have matured, I've come to appreciate it more.  However when I saw this product on tv, I decided to give it a try; just for kicks. Before I purchased Candylipz, I went on YouTube and the Candylipz site to read all the reviews and watch the videos.  Here is a link to the site  http://candylipz.com
Here are the results after 2 minutes.
No make-up.....
I used the candylipz Model A, it's the double lobed bottom lip version, mainly because I wanted the cute case.
It comes with all sorts of goodies.  The packaging is incredible; great marketing!
It definitely worked, and I didn't get any bruising, but I wanted to keep going which is NOT recommended in the beginning, but what can I say, I'm a rebel.  
Again, no make-up, but I did have to put lip gloss on because my lips felt dry. This was after a total of 4 minutes including the previous 2. You can see a little bruising above the top lip now, but who cares....my lips are HUGE!  The results last a couple of hours, but it's now the morning after, and my lips are still a little bigger than normal. You can condition you lips, and the more you use the product the longer your lips will stay pouty.  This was loads of fun, and heck yeah I'm gonna keep using it!  I would definitely reccommend it :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Kick Your Feet Up and Have a Cup of Coffee

Our coffee maker broke recently, and we decided to get a Keurig.  The box it was shipped in is pretty sturdy. It's a box inside a box really.  So that got me to thinking.  We can always use another footstool.  I decided to use some rope that had been sitting around the garage since April to wrap around the box. Rope footstools are durable and match any decor.
I just used the box, some rope (Blue Hawk, 122lb) and a hot glue gun.
The hot glue worked like a charm.  The extra rope from the garage was used up pretty quickly.  I had to run to Lowes and purchase three more packs of rope.  
It took nearly 100 glue sticks, 250 feet of rope, three hours, and I can't forget, 1 pink glue gun.  I am so proud of my little $5 glue gun.  She was a real trooper.  
It was a bit tricky at times, and the rope lines are a little wavy, but all in all, I'm pleased with the result.
It's strong enough for me to sit on but too itchy to sit for long. The rope on top is level, except for the very center where I had to squish the rope tightly for full coverage. It's just a little more raised.  It will easily hold a glass.  
If you can find one for $30 or less, buy it!  This one required about $40 of rope.  I could have just covered it in fabric.  That would have cost a lot less.  But fabric shows dirt and wear quicker than rope.  This little treasure will last.