Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Junkin' on a Wednesday

Well I decided to go thrift store shopping the morning, but got a little lost on the way to a new one.  Anxiously turning down unknown residential streets, in a not so sparkling neighborhood, I came upon a heap of items thrown out in the front of a house. There were some big ticket items like a ban saw, a table saw and some other extremely large wood working tools.  It would have taken two Incredible Hulks to lift and load those items so I focused on the stuff I could carry myself.
I found these ramps.  

This small cage needs to be cleaned out!

I also found this pen.  It's in great shape, but has a few unwelcome inhabitants; SPIDERS!!!  Luckily a neighbor came out to help me load it.  He said he was happy to see the pile get smaller. He also told me that the house was in foreclosure.  He never cared for his neighbors because they were "strange".  In fact, he said that in the large pen these strange people had kept a defanged rattle snake.  YIKES!!!! 

Overall, I am happy with these free items, but my husband may feel differently........