Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Never Again-Again! Chair Reupholstered

I have done many DIY projects trying to save money, only to meet with serious challenges.  I have vowed "NEVER AGAIN" too many times.   This time-I mean it!
Many months ago I purchased five old, worn out chairs form a place called Provisons Thrift Store.  These chairs came from a retirement home, and they were pretty gross.  This was my first time attempting to recover more than just a cushion, and it was challenging.  Mainly because of the awful staplers I used at first, and the fact that I relied on YouTube videos for all my -how to- knowledge.  I was clueless, but willing-at first.
The finished product is not great, but it will do-for now.
We moved into a new house that is twice the size as our starter home.  We have a lot of space to furnish and a tiny budget. So I can't help but try to make something out of nothing.
I started by cleaning the chairs.  Then I chalked painted the wood pieces a Colonial White.
The arms were pretty beat up.  I didn't sand them or anything.  I just prayed to the chalk paint gods to fulfill the no prep promises!
I had to give the wooden pieces three coat.
But it looks good.  So good in fact, that I reconsidered distressing it.
I did not remove the old fabric on the seat or the front of the backrest.  I did have to remove the panel from the back of the chair.
I did cover the seats in batting.  I'm not sure I'd do it that way if I had it to do again.

This was the state they stayed in for nearly two months! My husband was ready to put them on the curb, and I objected only very little, but we settled for the garage.
I finally dug them out of the garage to finish what I started.  I hate when a project beats me, so I refused to give up.
I traced the back panel-not that it did me much good.  The backs panel is the reason I will never reupholster again.  Aye yie yie!  I can't even talk about it.  

I do like the finished product, but I don't love it.  However, it will have to do until we can find the perfect fit.