Sunday, January 8, 2012

Schools Auction

I spent most of this weekend making things for our school's auction-like I need an excuse to craft.  I found a pink gingham memo board at my local thrift store.  It was really cute, but I decided to recover it for a more sophisticated look.  To keep it young, I added some yellow accent flowers.  They are easy to remove if someone would prefer it without the punch of yellow which I happen to adore.

I also found some plain photo boxes and jazzed them up with ribbon and the yellow flowers.  The good news, again, is the flowers are also easily removable from the photo boxes.  They are attached with Zots, and only attached to the metal label holder.

These Scrabble Tile Frames were super easy to make, if you don't consider that I unintentionally burned my fingerprints off with all the dag um hot glue.  Ouch!!!  These frames did not come with glass, so I think it would be nice to use double sided tape to attach pictures to the card stock matting.

Finally, I bought the 3 little photo/memo holders for just a few bucks at my local craft store.  I hope it auctions for big bucks!

I decided to add some close ups! :)

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Photo Boards

I finally put some photos on a photo board I purchased from a thrift store for $1.99.  It looked so good, I decided I wanted a couple more.  I searched the thrift stores with no luck, so I thought, "What the hay!  I like it so much I will buy a couple brand new from Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond."  Well these things are much more expensive brand new.  $25.00 to be exact.  I decided to just make them.  I figure it couldn't be that hard, and.......I was right.  I made two in less than 2 hours.  Luckily I had most of the supplies on hand.  I did have to buy the boards from Lowes.  They were less than five dollars each. 
I had spray adhesive, an old yoga mat, button blanks, fabric, ribbon and batting on hand in my craft closet.  This is a bit of a backwards tutorial or picture diary.  Work your way up from the end of this blog post to get an idea of the process.
Here are the finished products. I just need to add photos.

They are larger than the inspiration board, but I like them just as much.

Yay, here they are. 

The glue works :)

Super glue the button on to cover the staples.

Covered button blanks.

Cutting the fabric to cover the buttons.

Before the tufting staples.

All ribbons are in place.

Second ribbon in place.

The first ribbon just cuts from corner to corner.  Easy Peasy!
Just staple the ribbons on to the back of the board.

I used an old yoga mat and batting to give a little cushion to the boards.  Spay adhesive helps keep them in place.

Sand the cut corners.

Cut the pointed corners with a small hand saw.  This was much easier than I thought it would be.

This project required thin, light weight plywood boards, scissors, fabric, ribbons, button blanks, a staple gun, small hand saw, spray adhesive, and old yoga mat.

Button blanks purchased at a thrift store over a year ago for very cheap.

I had planned on making three boards, but the yoga mat provided only enough material for two.