Saturday, August 13, 2011

Redecorated Dining Room

This beautiful dining room inspiration picture came form Better Homes and Gardens online.  I fell in love with it and thought I'd give it a try.  I worked on it in between NASCAR race trips, vacations and work training/seminars this summer.  I did a little bit of sewing and a lot of shopping at my favorite kinds of places-thrift & antique stores. 

Our room is now about 85% complete and still a work in progress.  I decided to share the pictures now, because I just broke ANOTHER camera.  This one was less than a week old. (I really need to start using the little wristlet that comes as a saftly feature.) 

 The list of things we need to do:  Dustin and I still need to create or purchase some artwork - I need to sew one last slipcover - We need to add sconces near the buffet for better lighting - Another rug needs to be added in front of the buffet. 
The biggest challage is the paint color.  We are still debating the color for the walls.  I bought several quart samples of greys, but I'm scare to even put those on the walls. 
Okay so maybe not 85% complete, but more that 50% surly?!

These picture don't quit look like the one above, but it's getting there.  This room looks much nicer in person than it does it picuters......not only do I break cameras, but I'm not very good at using them either. 

The material for the slipcovers are from sheets I purchased at local thrift stores.  The flowers are so bright and cheery :)

The Dairy glass on the middle of the table came from inside the walls of our kitchen.  When we renovated the kitchen in 2006, Dustin found it sitting inside the wall covered by 70 years of plaster.  I'm glad we can display it. 

The floral picture and mirror need to be hung on the walls, but with school starting back who has time?

The curtains are actually table cloths hung using those little rings and clips that you can purchase anywhere.  The placemats were also found at a local thrift store for less than three dollars, I'm sure.

The Blue Willow dinner ware was a gift from my mom years ago.  I'm glad they are no longer behind closed cabinet doors.   The crocks were purchased at antique stores and thrift stores.  Some where more expensive than others.

The buffet and hutch was a craigslist purchase and a great deal!  The two red chairs were given to us by Dustin's mom.  I painted them red.  Betty don't kill me after you read this.

When the look is complete I will post more pictures; That is if  I can stop breaking cameras.