Thursday, August 20, 2009

Barefoot Sewing

Over the past five years, that is how long I've been trying to sew, I have realized that whenever I get up out of my sewing chair I have to search for my right shoe. It is eventually located somewhere under my sewing table. The funny thing is I don't ever remember consiously slipping it off. Apparently, I must use my bare foot on the presser pedal. I have recently tried to make an effort to keep my shoe on, and have found it impossible. Crazy? I think so. I wonder if I alone possess this quirky behavior. I have tried to figure out why this happens. I guess I just like the feel on the pedal on my bare foot.

Anyway, I have made five of the free buttercup bags recently and have done so barefooted. I noticed that when I fought the urge to slip my shoe off my stitching was crooked, not that it is ever perfect, but I had to rip out the stitching and start over. I give homemade purses to all my cousins every year at Christmas, and I can't give them gifts with crooked stitches, so I'll just keep sewing barefoot!
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