Thursday, December 24, 2009

Easy Peasy Wallets

School is finally out, and I couldn't be happier. I finally get time to sew, sew, sew....I started my winter break by making 23 Easy Peasy wallets with added inside pockets. I found a tutorial for them on It really is simple. I made 23 in 5 days only working on them a little at a time. I'm sure that if I made one at a time it would only take me about 30 minutes for each. :)

I did complicate things by adding the inside pocket and the finger loop, but it was totally worth it. I will continue making these for gifts throughout the year. These are Christmas gifts for the people I love and who love me enough to use my home made creations.

My favorite two fabrics are the bold black and white print and the green, brown and white floral print. The best news of all is that one fat quarter can make two complete wallets or provide four 9in x 6 in pieces with enough material left over to create a couple of inside pockets.
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