Thursday, May 13, 2010

Junkin' :)

I have not posted for a very long time because I was finishing up my internship.  Now that it's over and the graduation celebrations have ended, I have time to devote to my favorite hobbies; junkin', craftin' and most important sewing.  My mother-in-law, Betty, visited for a little over a week for my graduation.  I was so happy she spent time with me because we had lots of fun at thrift store and on garbage day.  We bought loads of clothes from the  Goodwill pound store.  All clothes are $1.39 a pound, so even if I don't like something about an article of clothing I can always deconstruct it and use its parts, i.e. buttons, zipper and even fabric. 

When Betty was here she was not shy about trash day junking.  I sometimes avoid stopping if the street is too busy and too many people might see me digging in the garbage.  Betty cured me of this shyness.  Together we hauled in two desks, with the help of my husband, from a nearby street.  We went to Lowe's the next day for paint and knobs and got straight to work cleaning, sanding and painting the desks.  I love the finished product of the smaller desk and want to share it with you all.  The desk looked pretty good unpainted, but even heavy sanding couldn't get rid of some burn marks and stains.  Anyhoo enjoy the few pics. 
Desk after a good sanding!

The Drawers

Okay, get ready for the dramatic before and after shot!
Ta Da! :0)  All painted white with new knobs!

Now, I would really like to embellish it more, but how?  Suggestions?

My next post, coming very soon, will be a completed Regency Era dress I just finished using the new sewing machine my mom and dad got me for graduation.  The dress is awesome and I wanted to post about it as soon as it was finished, but I drop things!  I dropped our camera and it will not work a lick, so my friend Amber is coming over tomorrow and we are going to do a photo shoot.  Amber if you read this, please bring your camera and the connection cables.  :)  Hehe!  Until tomorrow....

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