Sunday, April 24, 2011

Upcycled Bed Sheets Become Blinds and a Braided Rug

Last summer I purchased three king sized, white, flat bed sheets for two dollars each.  That's a bargain especially considering the prices of new fabric these days!  I thought I could use the sheets in various sewing projects. 
I was making a set of blinds for my dining room and needed a white backing fabric.  The sheets worked perfectly, or half of one sheet worked perfectly. The blinds were super easy to make.  I just cut the inner and outer fabric pieces to size, sewed them together, sewed two ribbon ties for each blind and sewed a pocked for the tension rod.  I found the tension rods at the Thrift Center for $1.99 each.  Not bad considering they are $6 brand new.  The black and white fabric was given to me by my very generous mother-in-law.  In the future I plan on using sheets for the decorative fabric as well.  

The total cost of these blinds was about $5 altogether!

There is no fancy dancy system to lower and raise these blinds.  I simply roll them up to the desired length and tie them up with the ribbon.  It works just fine.

One up, one down :)
Both up, the usual position.
The color scheme for my dining room was to be black and white that way the accent colors could be changed with the seasons.  I had the blinds made so the next order of business was a rug.  Well my dining table is a small, round, black table with four black chairs.  I decided that a round rug would be really cute in the small space, so I started pricing rugs. YIKES!!! Rugs are expensive. 
I researched the web for easy rug ideas and found a tremendous amount of information and inspiration.  I decided to make a braided rug out of the remaining sheets using  this tutorial from Check it out if your interested.  It is much more informative than this post :)  I ripped the sheets into two and a half inch strip that ran the lenght of the sheet.  Then I braided all the pieces together.  I ended up with a small, heavy bundle of braided sheet. 
The next step was to sew the braids into a circular rug. I started sewing the braids together by hand, but in the middle of a Florida summer that is a HOT job, so I used my machine for this and I doubt it will ever forgive me :)  My shoulders were also very upset.  The bigger the rug gets the heavier and more cumbersome it becomes. 

I broke the sewing up by doing just a little bit each day. 

The rug is not finished because it does not cover all the floor space under the table. 

It has been a long process because I was hired for a very demanding teaching job while working on this project and it was put on the back burner for months.  I hope to finish it this summer.  I need at least two more sheets to finish the rug.  In the end I will have spent maybe ten dollars on the whole project but a whole lot of time.  This doesn't bother me because I am more than happy to have more time than money :)


Sabrina said...

Very nice! I wish I had your craftiness!

diane said...

I love the blinds, an rug, GREAT JOB. lvu

Coleen said...

Pretty cool blinds. Better get my machine out. Thanks for following on my blog. I'm following here too.

Blessings, Coleen in Ukraine

Coleen said...

Just thought of something. Since you liked the idea of the pocket books you might want to check out my Facebook "Like" page. It's full of tutorials and instructions for all kinds of crafty things. On Facebook just look for vintageterrace2
Coleen in Ukraine

barefootsewingandcrafting said...

Thanks ladies! Wish I had more time to practice crafting...Coleen, I will go to your facebook page and like :) Thank you so much for the fun ideas and tutorials!

Sheer Shades said...

I love the fabric you choose! I've made a few of these for my house a while ago, can't wait to make some new ones for my bedroom.

Daisy Rogers said...

I just love your fabrics that you used and love the ideas to make flat bed sheets curtains. Also your way to add curtains, rugs and blinds is very much impressive.