Sunday, January 11, 2015


So I don't usually do beauty posts, but this product really surprised me.  It's called candylipz, and it's supposed to give you that bee stung, pouty lip.  I've always had a pencil thin top lip.  It bothered me a lot when I was younger, but as I have matured, I've come to appreciate it more.  However when I saw this product on tv, I decided to give it a try; just for kicks. Before I purchased Candylipz, I went on YouTube and the Candylipz site to read all the reviews and watch the videos.  Here is a link to the site
Here are the results after 2 minutes.
No make-up.....
I used the candylipz Model A, it's the double lobed bottom lip version, mainly because I wanted the cute case.
It comes with all sorts of goodies.  The packaging is incredible; great marketing!
It definitely worked, and I didn't get any bruising, but I wanted to keep going which is NOT recommended in the beginning, but what can I say, I'm a rebel.  
Again, no make-up, but I did have to put lip gloss on because my lips felt dry. This was after a total of 4 minutes including the previous 2. You can see a little bruising above the top lip now, but who lips are HUGE!  The results last a couple of hours, but it's now the morning after, and my lips are still a little bigger than normal. You can condition you lips, and the more you use the product the longer your lips will stay pouty.  This was loads of fun, and heck yeah I'm gonna keep using it!  I would definitely reccommend it :)

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Anonymous said...

Are you still using it? Do you still love it? How long is it lasting for you? I want to try it and have the same type of lips you have. Thanks for posting so I can see a more realistic result!