Sunday, August 23, 2009

During my summer break from classes at the University of North Florida, I wanted to sew my heart out. I started with this large bag for my friend Amber. I usually just sew simple bags from two rectangular shapes for the outer an inner pieces of the bag, a couple of square pockets and a simple strap. That is the sum of my sewing since I started five years ago.
I decided that I wanted to try something different, and since Amber likes over sized bags I had to find just the right pattern that incorporated her likes and my ability level. I found it all in McCall's 8705 pattern.
This bag was so much easier to make than I imagined. I attribute that to the wonderful directions in the pattern. I have tried to use other patterns that have very vague instructions and some that leave out certain steps completely. For a novice sewer that is bad news. I took my time making it and it took me a week of working between other obligations to finish it, and I am trilled with the results. This bag displays some of my best workmanship. I usually rush thru sewing to get to the end result. This time I purposefully made myself work at a snails pace and double check every step I took.
The only complaints I have are that the bag requires an enormous amount of fabric and a heavier interfacing than was suggested. Other than that this is a wonderful pattern for any beginner to attempt. I am confident that it will be successful.
Amber loves Halloween and skull and crossbones, and her favorite colors, which is no surprise, are orange and black. So I pick a black and white skull and crossbones outer fabric and an orange lining fabric. She loves the bag. This bag made us both happy. Success!

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