Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPhone Wrist Case

I drop things....expensive things...like iPhones.  I've dropped my iPhone more times than I will admit to my husband.  Making a Klutz proof case was tops on the list of "to dos". 
The makeshift pattern was created by tracing the iPhone box.  This allowed for a 3/8 in. seam allowance.
This really cool shirt was purchased especially because of the cute apple design.  It was a good choice for the case because it is jersey and doesn't require any lining. 
The sleeve seemed like the obvious choice.  Really it didn't end up saving me any time.  I thought I could use the cuff as a closure for the case, but it looked strange.
I cut out the pattern and extended it to include the cuff.  Wish I hadn't bothered.
Next, I decided to use a long piece of 1/2 in scrap to make an elastic band.
This was easier than expected.

I pinned wrong sides together making sure to attach the elastic band. Note to those who are interested, I had a hard time stuffing the elastic band in the tight pouch and keeping it away from the needle while sewing. I reached inside the pouch and pulled the elastic away from the action :)
I eventually cut the cuff off, turned the raw edge over and zig-zagged it under.  I am glad the shirt has a lot more material because, I am going to try a different design tomorrow.  The elastic band pulls the case a little too much.  I will try to remedy that in the next creation.  I think the band was too long, so just shortening it should do the trick!

Here's hoping for more success tomorrow!

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