Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Phone Socks

I was really excited to try to make more phone socks today.  I had lots of apple fabric left over from the shirt.  I realized that the socks really didn't require any closures because they are so snug on the phone that the phone will only come out if it is tugged.  I also decided to forgo the wrist band.  It was good in theory but not in application, at least not without a little tweaking.  It only took me an hour or so to complete seven phone socks.
In fact after cutting the fabric, the thing that took the longest was pinning under the top edge.  Sewing took less than 20 minutes from start to finish for all of them.
Two are special because they have pockets.  That is just how the fabric was cut.  There was a large pocket on the original shirt and I incorporated parts of it in the phone socks.
Here's the first one with a pocket.  My husband's phone is filling in as sock model :)
This pocket is great for earphones.  I'm not sure what else would fit in there, but it's not big enough for credit cards.
Here is the second one with a pocket.  Notice on this one that the apples are horizontal instead of vertical.  This was necessary to form the pocket.  Luckily this one is large enough for licences or credit cards. It is also good for earphones.
I really like the ones that don't have a pocket too!
They will definitely keep the iPhone, or any phone for that matter, from getting scratched in your purse.
This was so super easy.  If only I knew what to do with six iPhone socks?

I can only use one!!! Oh and the good news is that I still have enough fabric left to make at least three more!  Maybe, I'll make a lot of wallets and phone socks and rent a booth at the Riverside Arts Market....Maybe??
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