Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blisters Abound

I spent my day building a gate.  It's a double gate and I only completed one side. 
Looks easy right?

It took forever-mainly because of the comer kit I purchased. 
 Never buy this!

 It came with the cheapest screws!  Every single one stripped out.  I tried using the drill and hand driving, and I pre-drilled every hole.  Still, the screws stripped!  Hand driving worked better but also caused blisters upon blisters which busted and leaked before I had even finished the first corner.  So, I think I will rest tomorrow and build the second gate Friday or maybe even never!  
Second gate lumber... aka fire wood!

Because of my insatiable need to be constructive and creative, I keep making the same stupid mistake over and over!  What's the lesson I should learn but never do; PAY SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT!  Geesh

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