Tuesday, July 16, 2013

As Good As It Gets

The gate is as good as it gets.  I worked on it from Wednesday to Saturday, and then waited through numerous summer showers to get it painted.  I like it, but I loved our old gate. It was a home for moss, ivy, and loads of colorful lizards.  
Like this little guy.

 All the beautiful ivy and moss.

 Whatever small but mighty beast formed that gossamer web.

 But as much as we loved the old gate it just didn't function.  We tried repairing it many times.  In the in we were resorting to zip ties and plastic nuts fabricated for old coffee containers to keep it together.  So, it had to be replaced to keep our sweet Maggie Mae safe!  
It was a lot of work, and I'm glade it's over. 
Digging 2 feet holes through a multitude of roots.
 Getting the post set.
 Hinging the gates was a two person job, and I needed to go to confession after all the flowered language I used in the process.
The finishing touches....Hardware!
 "Now it just needs paint," say the little supervisor in the window.

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diane foster said...

Love they gate. Great job.