Monday, July 29, 2013

Pretty Pretty Pyrex

I went thrift store shopping and could not resist these pretty Pyrex casserole dishes.  
They are yellow and orange with daisy lids.  As far as I'm concerned, they are perfect for three seasons.  Spring, Summer, and even Fall suppers will be suitable for these pretty little dishes.  
I paid more for them than I usually like to spend, but I could sell them for double what I paid.

They stack away nicely. 
The same weekend, I also purchased a beautiful white Pyrex mixing bowl and 1 cup Pyrex measuring cup.  These are the first pieces of Pyrex I've ever bought or owned.  
I know people love the blue, pink, and turquoise pieces, and so do I,but these are great too.  They are just so jolly! 
I think they will get plenty of use in the Cary house.
Pyrex is not an easy thrift store find.  I will buy any piece I ever find, and if it is not my taste, I'll sell it for a profit online.  So if you see any Pyrex at thrift stores or yard sales, snatch it up!  You won't regret it.  Just look at the sales on Etsy or eBay.


abradberry said...

I have an old blue and white set that belonged to my grandma. I love using them and thinking of her!

betty said...

I have most of the set ,mixed colors mixing bowls, that I got for a wedding present........58 years ago. they are used most days. faded now of course.

barefootsewingandcrafting said...

Betty, I've never seen them. Show them the next time we visit! Bradberry, that's awesome!