Sunday, October 6, 2013

Finally Finished 2nd Regency Style Dress

This sweet little dress has been on my dress form for over two years with the bodice hanging loose, no buttonholes, buttons or hem.  I decided to spend a couple of hours on it this weekend to finish it off.  It doesn't fit me just right in the, ahem, bosom.  I mistakenly cut the pattern a cup size too small.  That's why it was neglected for so long.
I found a short length of navy grosgrain ribbon to tie around the empire waist.
The ribbon is tied on a bit crooked, not to mention too short, but that is easily remedied since it's not stitched on.
Three large navy buttons close the dress in the back.
Because it doesn't fit me, I'm going to sell it on eBay.  Hopefully, it will sell to a Jane Austen fan. This is a pic of the dress before I sewed the blind hem.  I am 5'4, and the length is perfect for me.  There is about 4 inches that could be let down in the length if necessary.
I hope this cutie finds a good home!


Sabrina Tolbert said...

I love it!!! You did a great job!

diane foster said...

Love it. I remember it, you look so cute in it.

Craig Randle said...

Kimber, you are so talented! You did a wonderful job! The dress is beautiful! Oh, the model was pretty cute too!

barefootsewingandcrafting said...

Thanks y'all ! I'm just glad it's finished after all this time. Craig, you're the only person in the world who calls me Kimber, and I love it!