Thursday, October 24, 2013

1st Grade Common Core-Close Reading-Gradual Release...........

This week in 1st Grade Reading we are working on describing story elements-R.L.1.3. I'm using the book, Mean Jean The Recess Queen.  I'm focusing on Katie Sue and her character traits for the I do and the We Do.  The students will do Jean for their You Do.  This is difficult because I am getting a lot of "nice" and "kind" even after I have taught the character traits on the anchor chart.  So for Jean's traits I am expecting to get a lot of mean, rude, bully when I really want violent, spiteful and conceited.
We talked about each word and how it is different from nice, kind, mean and rude.
The previous lesson covered finding evidence in the book to help support our decisions about a character's traits.  
Today we practiced using Character Traits other than nice or mean.  Students talked with each other to decide on a trait or two or even, for some, three.  Only  three students out of 35 put evidence from the book to support their decisions on their post it and kind was the trait with the most stickies.  More practice needed!  

Here are my concerns:
There is a three day weekend in between the We Do, and the You Do. -Gradual Release
With only one book how can I expect students to work independently to pull evidence directly from the book?  Make 35 student copies?-Close Reading
Am I expecting too much? Should I accept nice, kind, mean, rude?-this is my 1st year in 1st grade-I came from 4th grade
Sometimes I feel like the We Do is just a repeat of the I Do-I teach, we talk, we practice.  I model and do think alouds.  We need two days of I Do, We Do as a combo.


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