Sunday, July 27, 2014

One Hour Wrap Skirt (Yeah, Right!)

Wrap skirts are super easy to make, but don't be fooled by the 1 hour promise on the front of the pattern.  The one hour usually refers to the actual sewing time. It doesn't include cutting or tracing the pattern, cutting the fabric, all the pinning and repinning and let's not forget the ironing.  If you decided to make modifications, which I almost always do, add a little time for that too.
It may take longer than an hour, but it's totally worth it.  It is so cute and comfy!  I'll be making more.  I'll also be making more adjustments.  
Some people can just whip fabric into anything they imagine or desire.  I don't possess that gift and always rely on a pattern regardless of how easy the project is.  
Maybe one day I will trust myself enough to go all free style on some groovy fabric.
I'll just keep sewing until that time comes.  New school year wardrobe here I come :)

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