Monday, May 19, 2014

Just some pix fro Little and Big Talbot Islands

We had a great weekend hiking and biking on Talbot Island near Jacksonville Florida.  This place is a gem.  Just remember to bring the bug spray.  On Saturday we hiked.  The wooded dunes we beautiful, but the Mosquitos were a buzzin.  The beach was beautiful and the water was clear and cool.
The deadwood is spectacular.  
Someone had even created a hut using the deadwood.
We saw starfish and many stunning shells.
There were broken sand dollars every where.
We found many like this.
This section of the beach was unpopulated.  It was a bit of a hike for sun seekers.
The next day we biked to Boneyard Beach.
Most of the path is paved.
You turn off the paved path to a natural surface path and Boneyard is less than half a mile down.
Be careful if you're biking.  The trail drops off quick.
Our bikes on the drop off.
Dead trees are everywhere.
They are bleached and weathered.
There are loads of great shots.
It is a quite place. There were a few other groups of people there at the same time as us.
Every tree is a little different and interesting.
There is even an old rusty dingy.
I have lived in Jacksonville for over ten years and this was my first visit.
My husband and I will definitely go back.  We still need to bike and hike a couple more trails.  And we can't forget all the kayaking and paddle boarding opportunities!  I highly recommend this park.

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